About Our Company

AB Financial Group was founded on the belief that every business needs a reliable and experienced bookkeeper and tax partner to safeguard the bottom line. Our team of Bookkeeper’s and CPA’s work remotely, onsite, or a combination of both to provide accurate and honest financial information that will assist you in making good financial decisions. Based in Edwards, CO at elevation 7,221′ we work with businesses and individuals to identify potential cash flow and tax issues before they arise. Regardless of whether you are a small, medium, or large business our team offers 100% client satisfaction, and works tirelessly to ensure the success of your business….  


Why AB Financial Group?

We offer experienced and consistent bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filing services with a hands on type approach. In addition to having an assigned full-charge bookkeeper who will work intimately with you and your business, you will receive unlimited support from our staffed CPA who is available to assist you with growth and tax related strategies. Since we combine the job duties of a bookkeeper and controller into one service we will manage cash flow, oversee vendor bills and bill payments, record sales, file sales and payroll tax forms, and provide monthly tax-ready financial statements. Perhaps your accounting department needs additional assistance, or you have “catch-up” bookkeeping and tax work? We are happy to fill in where needed on either a contract or permanent basis. Look forward to an easy tax filing process at year-end.

Our Clients

  • Cannabis

  • Health Professionals

  • Independent Contractors

  • Real Estate Agents & Developers

  • Construction Companies

  • Restaurants, Bars, and Catering Companies

  • Hotel & Property Management Companies

  • Manufacturing

  • Resorts

  • Retail Stores

  • New & Start-Up Companies

  • Educational Providers

  • Non Profit Organizations

Why Should You Outsource Your Payroll Services

1) Boost Your Productivity

As you are an entrepreneur,​ you cannot Sweat out on payroll software. It is not the reason why you started a business. ​ Your dollars do not lie in the spreadsheet boxes. Spending countless hours on software makes no sense, especially when you can wisely use that time to scale up your business to new heights. Get in touch with us for Payroll & Accounting services in Edwards & Avon.

2) Secure Backup

One of the biggest nightmares for a company is the LOSS OF DATA. If your company has an in-house payroll software and if it crashes one day, imagine what will happen. All your data has been wiped out clean & clear. Why would you put your business in such a situation when you can simply outsource the payroll service to a company that has dedicated backup systems to protect your precious data.

3) Sit, sip & soar

Never underestimate the power of a calm mind. But how do you attain it? Simple: You entrust a payroll service company with the laborious tasks. While they deal with the numbers and tax percentages in spreadsheets, you can brainstorm about profit margins and new ventures in slideshows.

4) Read between the codes

At first glance, internal payroll software for your company may seem cool. Forget not; it comes with conditions that apply. Having a dedicated software means spending for upgrades and maintenance. Imagine a situation wherein the latest tax tables were not installed in your in-house software, and you end up making a terrible mistake while filing taxes. Why invest in software, upgrades, and maintenance when you can simply hire a payroll service company in Edwards & Avon Coloradothat does professional services for an affordable cost.

5) Fast processing time

On any given day, a payroll expert will win amateur hands down in the spreadsheet battle because an expert is the one who is trained for such jobs. Negotiating through countless numbers and arriving at a definite one is a cakewalk for a payroll specialist. Whether adding new employees’ data to the system or deleting or modifying one from the software, it’s just a click away for an expert.

6) Less federal and state compliance issues

Governance is not a joke, which is why federal and state payroll regulations go under constant changes and modifications. A professional payroll service provider knows the federal and state payroll rules like the back of his hand.

7) More expertise

Think of a situation wherein your business soars high, and your employee strength touches a particular threshold. The rules and regulations you have been adhered to so far do not matter anymore. Now, you have to play the game by the new set of rules. Outsourcing the payroll service means an expert will take care of the changes like a piece of cake.

Payroll Services FAQs

Nope, we do not charge anything for the startup and setup of your business in our system. It includes basic setup and input of Year-To-Date (YTD) information. However, if a customer needs help in setting up an account with federal or state agencies, additional costs may incur.
It doesn’t take much time. Depending on the time of the year you make the change and the number of employees your business has, we can make your business rock and roll in just one pay cycle. However, we recommend you switch over at the end of a quarter or a year. It doesn’t mean that we don’t process the switchover during the quarter or year. You are welcome at any time.
A few things you will get by partnering with AB Financial Group: Time, convenience, peace of mind, cost reduction, financial discipline, and timely tax filings. Also, You will get periodic financial reports, expert opinion, confidentiality, fund theft protection, and the list just goes on.
We offer pan-state services. One can expect our services in all 50 states.

Why you should outsource your bookkeeping services to experts

1) Dedicated customer support

When you outsource your bookkeeping services to us, you get to work with a dedicated team that will solve your queries related to your company’s paperwork. Be it a query about the reconciliation reports or how much your debtors owe you, the customer support team in Edwards, Colorado is always there to give you the sought answers in a short moment.

2) Improved performance

It is needless to say that most people do not enjoy doing bookkeeping work. Reason: It’s a mundane and tiring task. Well, that’s not the case with bookkeeping experts. They love their job. Numbers, percentages, and projections do not intimidate them but enthrall.

3) Focus on your work

When you entrust a company like AB Financial Group with the bookkeeping services, you can channelize all your energy towards your company’s growth. At the same time, we take care of your financial upkeep. Investing your energy in maintaining financial records will give you nothing but stress, whereas doing the same in your clients will fetch you what you always wanted.

4) Easily scalable

The additional perks you get while outsourcing the bookkeeping services in Edwards& Avon Colorado are worth mentioning. One such benefit is ‘Analysis Reports.’ Such reports will come in handy while deciding your company’s future actions. The reports will give you an insight into your business so that you can make wiser and informed decisions. Whether to downsize the workforce or to increase your expenditure, the reports will guide you through.

5) Let experts handle it

There is a reason why professionals always hire professionals. It exhibits their seriousness towards the business. An expert makes little to no mistake, whereas a mediocre or an amateur makes many mistakes. You are here to do business, not for a trial-and-error process.Get in touch with our experts in Avon, Colorado today.

6) Cost reduction

Outsourcing bookkeeping services in Edwards, Colorado is a smart choice to make, especially when you want to Save Big! How does this process work exactly? Well, first things first. You don’t have to shell out money on infrastructure, which is a big money guzzler.

Bookkeeping FAQs

If you are serious about your business, your subscription to bookkeeping services should be akin to a long-term relationship. Bookkeeping should be weaved with your business. If you want to scale up your business to new heights, then bookkeeping is vital since it provides you with a cut-through view of your performance. Never underestimate the power of the financial reports from your bookkeeping services expert.
Yes, We highly recommend you to do both. Though both services may appear similar, there are distinctive differences between them. As the name suggests, bookkeeping deals with managing bills, receiving payments, preparing invoices, and payroll processing. It passes the baton to the accounting team for scrutinizing the bookkeeping processing, taking care of bank and credit card reconciliation, executing payroll tax returns, and preparing financial reports.
As explained in the previous answer, an accountant’s job is strictly confined to tax planning, tax advisement, and reconciliation. He or she is not the ideal person to undertake the day-to-day bookkeeping services. It is a different domain, and it has to be played by different rules. Don’t let the semblance make you think that an accountant can also do bookkeeping.
Yes, it’s 100% safe. We understand your concern since data theft has become more common these days, which is why we enter into a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. Likewise, we don’t have access to your data. It is stored only on your device. However, if the auto-sync feature is enabled, your data will be stored in your cloud storage device as well.
We don’t compromise in quality. Hence, we will dedicate a team of expert accountants and bookkeepers in Edwards, Coloradoto handle your financial services end-to-end successfully. We will provide you with a tailored-made solution and multiple points of contact.
Yes, you can cancel the service at any time. We will not hold you back, and make sure you get back all your financials from Avon AB Financial Group in one go.
We all know that a clutter-free mind translates into efficiency. To achieve such clarity in mind, you need to have things in place. Outsourcing bookkeeping will help you tail your money. It’s a trajectory, stoppage, and turns will be closer to your eyes more than ever. The result -- Informed and smart decisions will fall in place like clockwork.
Just write to us. We will meet over coffee in Avon or Edwards, Colorado and scale your business to great heights.

Why choose AB Financial Group for your accounting services?

1) Mitigate the risk factor

Internal Revenue Service is not going to adopt a lenient approach when you don’t have your financial records in order. Be prepared for hefty fines and jail term (in some cases) if your spreadsheet is a mess. With AB Financial Group in Avon, Colorado, you can have a worry-free business as your energy will be streamlined towards its operations.

2) Scale-up of your business easily

Handing over the financial records to AB Financial Group gives you more time. More time is directly proportional to more business. Furthermore, you can save much money by not investing in software, servers, workforce, maintenance, and additional infrastructure required to keep the accounting mechanism up and running.

3) We work in clockwork precision

Timely execution of payroll tax returns is an art for us. Forget about exorbitant penalties and non-compliance with regulations when you entrust us with your financial upkeep.

4) Know where your money goes

To stay relevant in the business world, you need to know where your money drains and where it gains. Our experts in Edwards, Coloradowill give you a crystal-clear picture of the route your dollars take.

5) Say goodbye to hiring costs and employee expenses

Maintaining a well-performing accounting team is not a joke. You need to equip your accounting team with the required tools, software, hardware, servers, and the like to expect a decent output. Investing a huge sum in infrastructure and workforce is a sure-shot way to burn your money faster.

6) Bid adieu to fraudulent activities

Internal fraud puts you in an awkward situation. Learning that a trusted employee has involved in pocketing money from your coffers erodes your trust in honest employees as well. Why put yourself in such a difficult situation when you can hire our experts in Edwards, Colorado to do the job at an affordable cost.

7) Contemporary technology & tools are our weapons

Technology development is akin to a racy thriller movie. At AB Financial Group, we invest in acquiring such advanced infrastructure so that you can save money by not pumping it into the same.

8) Avoid Penalties

Your nightmares on inaccurate tax filing and the ensuing hefty fines end here. AB Financial Group will ensure your timely payroll processing and tax filing. Sit back, relax, and streamline your focus on business.

9) Accuracy Guaranteed

We only let experts in Edwards & Avon to deal with your financial upkeep. This time-tested foolproof method invariably generates 100% accurate results. Compromises attract failures, and adherence attracts success. We play by that rule.


"AB Financial is truly the best! Airi is professional, fair priced, and best of all communicates clearly and makes it easy for us. I highly recommend her for all your accounting needs."
Dawn Richter
Consistent and enjoyable to work with.
Naomi Felton
AB Financial Group took a mess of books from me and created reports that are easy to follow.
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