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Why Should You Outsource Your Payroll Services?

1. Don’t Flirt with Deadlines

Admit it. Right from doing the paperwork to reporting the payroll taxes, every task involved in the process is a time-consuming one. Sometimes, it’s complex too. Complexity holds you back; robs you of your peace of mind; eats into your time. Don’t forget, missing a deadline means that you have to shell out money on penalties. Outsource it to our experts in Vail, Colorado Springs, and Denver, Colorado.

2. Put the Calculator Away

The calculation involves numbers, terms, and jargon, not a few but a lot. FICA tax, social security withholding, and additional medical tax are some of those. While you have to refer to an employee’s ‘W-4 Form’ to find the Federal Income Tax Withholding, to determine the State Withholding for states with income taxes, ‘W-4’ is the key. You can relieve yourself from this tricky task by outsourcing it to our experts in Vail, Denver, and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

3. Rules Differ on Every States/Counties

There is no doubt that various combinations and permutations are involved in the payroll process. The job gets even more challenging when your business has employees in multiple states. In some states, you may have to withhold local income taxes, while in some regions, you don’t have to. Complying with the laid down rules, paying, and reporting the taxes are indeed cumbersome. Let our experts in Eagle & Vail, Colorado deal with it.

4. Let our Experts Walk You Through

Scratching your head is simply inevitable when you deal with payroll calculations. Courtesy: Uncertainties, confusions, and queries are involved in the process. Our dedicated experts are the masters in exiting the payroll maze successfully. Hand over the job to us; sit back, sip the coffee, and concentrate on your business.

5. Fix the Holes that Ooze Out Your Money

Little drops form an ocean, and Penalties form an ocean of problems. If you don’t fix the financial leaks, there is no doubt that things are inching south. Paying different types of taxes in time requires meticulous pre-planning. Always remember: ‘A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.’

6. Don’t Let the Clock Ticking and the Piggy-Bank Starving

Don’t bump into deadlines. It’s an awkward situation. Deadlines steal your peace of mind, which is necessary for running a business. What happens when you outsource the payroll services? You get time, which translates into more business as you tend to spend more time with your clients, but not with spreadsheets and calculators. Be smart and outsource the toughest and exhausting job. Never forget: TIME + PEACE OF MIND = MORE BUSINESS.

7. Match with Government Changes and Regulations

Changes and Internal Revenue Service are inseparable. Those who have done payroll will know how often changes occur in the mechanism. Being up to date is a must to keep a company in compliance with the laid down rules and regulations.

Payroll FAQ.

What should I do to get started?

After getting to know about your payroll processing needs, you will get a personalized contract agreement from our side. Once we get your signed contract and a voided check with a copy of IRS Form SS-4, the process of verifying your company will begin. After verification, our secure portal will be open for you to upload payroll documentation. From that point, AB Financial Group will take charge.

Does your payroll services decrease the risk of my business?

Always see things straight. Roping in a professional payroll service provider means the timely filing of taxes and having updated information. It effectively eliminates the risk of making ill-informed decisions.

How reliable are AB Financial Group’s services?

AB Financial Group employs the same technology used by banks to protect the data. Each transaction that we make is authenticated by Verisign, the leader in eCommerce security. It is coupled with a 128-bit-encrypted dashboard where the system is akin to a steel fortress. A secure socket layer and Microsoft cluster redundant architecture give more teeth to the safety mechanism.

AB Financial Group has accounting knowledge to service a variety of industries.

We service small to large businesses throughout Colorado.

  • Cannabis
  • Health Professionals

  • Independent Contractors

  • Real Estate Agents & Developers

  • Construction Companies

  • Restaurants, Bars, and Catering Companies

  • Hotel & Property Management Companies

  • Manufacturing

  • Resorts

  • Retail Stores

  • New & Start-Up Companies

  • Educational Providers

  • Non Profit Organizations

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