How our services work:

  • Call (970) 444-5586 to talk with our team today and to learn more about how our Bookkeeping, Payroll, Human Resources, or Tax Filing services work, and how we can fit into your business.
  • Select from a service or combination of services that fit the needs of you and your business. It’s going to be like having your very own accounting department!
  • Time to relax! We believe that effective communication and consistent service is the key to success, and always welcome you to tap into our expertise when and how you need it most.

Bookkeeping Services

Payroll Services


Tax Services

Our comprehensive bookkeeping solution combines the job tasks of bookkeeper and conroller into one service, and is fully scalable to match the exact needs of your business. Look forward to working with our bookkeeping team after selecting from either a daily, weekly, or monthly service.

  Daily Weekly Monthly
Accounts Payable      
Track bills and credit card expenses X X
Electronically file bills and receipts X X X
Process vendor payments X X
Manage auto payments X X
Prepare expense reports X X
Prepare 1099s for contractors X X
Accounts Receivable      
Record and reconcile sales per POS X X X
Process customer invoices X X
Process customer statements X X
Prepare receivable reports X X
General Ledger      
Reconcile bank accounts X X X
Reconcile credit card accounts X X X
Reconcile loans payable X X X
Prepare and file sales tax forms X X X
Prepare and file payroll tax forms X X
Year end tax preparation X X X
Prepare and reivew monthly financial statements X X X
General business consulting X X X
Prepare monthly budgets X
Monthly onsite or video conferencing reviews X X
Annual reviews and strategic planning X X X
Provide cash flow projection and analysis X X
File periodic reports X X
Renew annual licenses X X
Complete state and county forms and notices X X
Work with Bankers and CPA’s X X X

Leave Payroll processing, Human Resources, and Payroll Taxes to our team! We will process payroll, record payroll wages and tax liabilities, file payroll tax forms, and keep your business compliant.

  Payroll Human Resources
Prepare payroll X
Provide employee access to electronic paystubs X
Provide employer access to payroll and tax reports X
Prepare and file payroll tax forms X
Year end processing/Prepare W-2’s X
Employee contribution and garnishment remittance X
Collect and electronically file new hire forms and documents X
Provide employee support for HR related tasks, pay questios, and withholding questions X
Respond to unemployment notices X
Respond to payroll and payroll tax notices X
Track new hires and terminations X
Provide employer support with state and federal requirements X
Manage workers compensation policy X

Our team is comitted to helping you start your business as easily as possible while ensuring all of the important steps are checked off of your list.

Review your business plan and legal structure X
Register your business for an FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) X
Register your business with your State’s Secretary of State X
Assist with obtaining Licenses and Permits (Business Licenses, Sales Tax Permit, Wage Withholding) X
Setup and accounting system and provide training X
Setup a record-keeping system X
Review business insurance options X
Review business identity and marketing options X

Tax time should never be stressful. At AB Financial Group we file yearly individual and business income tax returns remotely, onsite at your office, or at our office. Rely on our knowledgeable team to ensure you are receiving each deduction you are entitled to.

If you have found yourself behind on filing past taxes, we will look forward to assisting you in getting caught up to the current tax year. Should you require assistance in getting your businesses sales or payroll taxes caught-up, or need help in negotiating payment plans we will closely work with you to avoid any potential tax issues at the Federal and State levels.

Our tax specialists have experience working with individuals and buinesses of all types. Rely on our team to work closely with you to ensure you are taking advantage of every tax saving opportunity you are entitled to.

  • We will prepary quarterly estimated tax payments
  • We will provide timely and accurate tax preparation services for individuals, business partnerships, sole proprietorships and corporations
  • Provide tax strategy throughout the year

Our Commitment To You​

As a client of AB Financial Group we want to let you know what to expect from us right from the get-go:

  • We will always treat you as if you are the only client in the world that matters.
  • Our team encourages you to reach out to us at all hours of the day, and even after-hours for all of your accounting, payroll, tax, and website design needs. We will always respond in a timely fashion. No more than 1 business day guaranteed.
  • We will always protect your personal and financial information.
  • We believe in performing consistent services so you always know what to expect. We do not rest until you are satisfied.
  • Our services will always be ethically and morally carried out in the highest professional standard.
  • We will always understand your concerns and questions. It is always our job to communicate honestly and find the best solutions.
  • We always welcome your comments and feedback as it allows for us to improve our services to you. We look forward to working with you and your business.