Make the leap to outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping function with AB Financial Group. We are your local expert at partnering with businesses just like yours to optimize your entire organization.

Why now? There’s no time to waste. Here’s why: take a look at these top twelve benefits.

Benefit No. 1 – SAVE MONEY

Teaming with AB Financial Group eliminates the wider range of costs associated with supporting an in-house accounting department. Think of the savings of eliminating staffing costs of hiring, training and payroll, plus eliminating the costs of having the latest and greatest hardware, software and employee support supplies. These costs can add up to 5% of overall revenue or more, making the savings with outsourcing very attractive. Let us provide you with a clear path to savings.

Benefit No. 2 – SAVE TIME (Translate, “SAVE MORE MONEY.”)

Yes, you are an expert. But why be an expert at absolutely everything? The time an owner can spend overseeing or performing accounting and bookkeeping demands, and expertly managing all the nuance and regulatory constraints, is time spent away from delivering business expertise to the management and growth of your company. AB Financial can be your accounting expert, freeing up your time so you can focus on growing your business.


Another benefit of saving time is the availability of more time to take care of the clients, and getting the new projects you want. You won’t lose out on clients, because you are just too busy with accounting and bookkeeping functions. Having ample time for customer sales and care is one of the best strategies toward a strong bottom line.


The power of newly available time inspires the development of new services for your market. You can develop an innovative area of expertise, and new revenue streams at the same time — merely because you have the luxury to focus. The creativity of this endeavor will have the added benefit of stimulating even further growth, adding to both greater client satisfaction, and your satisfaction too! The sky’s the limit with AB Financial Group as your outsource accounting partner.


With the elimination of an in-house accounting function your team becomes lean. A fit team is a productive team. With the agility and forward motion of a business development model, afforded by outsourcing accounting services, there is no time spent supporting the business sustainability model. You save big dollars and overhead costs by eliminating low productivity support functions, and the whole team is more focused on the deliverables your customers crave. You are now working smarter, not harder.


Outsourcing accounting to AB Financial Group gives you access to a team of experts that can be too costly to maintain in-house. Our associates are highly educated and experienced in the mastery of business accounting, bookkeeping, regulatory parameters, taxation, and all the functions of professional accounting services. Our expertise and best-practices become your expertise and best-practices. This efficiency provides a constant and real-time financial picture of your business that exceeds the capacity of most in-house practitioners. AB Financial Group is ready to be part of your team.


With the cost containment benefit of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services you grow your profitability. A higher profitability leads to a higher valuation of your business. A higher valuation serves you well when it is time to use your business as an asset for generating growth. Better terms with banks when borrowing results in a lower cost of borrowing, which can save thousands of dollars.

Benefit No. 8 – RISK BE GONE

Checks and balances protect your business valuation. It is, unfortunately, common for companies to experience financial loss due to poor bottom line protections, when relying on in-house accounting functions. Up to 20% of small businesses risk an average loss of $200,000 without accessing the benefit of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping. Although owners want to trust every employee, without ample systems of risk protection, anyone can be cheated. Proper internal controls protect against, not only theft, but fraud and simple human error. Rather than causing feelings of suspicion with trust-worthy employees, AB Financial Group can provide the risk protection practices you require, and fully guarantee a safe revenue stream. Your reputation in the business community, as well as with the IRS will be glad you did.


A major benefit of outsourcing accounting is the return businesses receive for future growth. You have reduced HR, infrastructure and technology costs to the benefit of production. As such you are well prepared to:

  • Scale up for the future
  • React quickly to market and seasonal changes
  • Direct your energy toward growth
  • Eliminate the high low cycle in-house accounting dictates to staff
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Grow

As a vital, agile growing enterprise, with all financials under the professional management of AB Financial Group, the future is bright.

Benefit No. 10 – SAVE THE PLANET

Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for time, space and office supplies. Copiers, printing toner, and paper are no longer needed for your accounting function, as all your data is available digitally. There is no need to schedule, order, store and manage these supplies, nor is there a need for records storage, as you will find it all electronically. Feel good about helping protect our planet.


Typical tax time stressors with in-house accounting systems:

  • Financial records organization
  • Expense tracking
  • Earnings calculations
  • Last minute scramble for missing data
  • Overlooking critical factors
  • Cost of staff overtime
  • Pressure of tax deadlines

With AB Financial Group, we take on all of the components of taxation, and entirely reduce your tax time stress. We provide accuracy for all on-time filings, and keep payroll taxes up to date as well. Do yourself a favor, reduce your stress with us.

Benefit No. 12 – CARPE DIEM

Words to live by, “carpe diem!” When you seize the day, your sense of creativity and enthusiasm for the journey accelerates. Outsourcing your accounting function to AB Financial Group will do this for you. No matter the size of your company, no matter how long you have been hard at work building it, today is the day to realize the benefits of partnering with us, and getting ahead of the competition. Contact us today at: 970-444-5586.

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