Business owners are “in it” for many reasons – yet, a unifying purpose is to create wealth. Value built in an enterprise is ultimately available to the owner. Owners benefit. Personal wealth grows. How does this happen? The trick for robust wealth is effective financial management. The treat of a healthy net worth for the owner is the return. AB Financial Group works with multiple sectors and sizes of enterprises to achieve effective financial management, and increased net worth for owners. Here are our top financial management tricks to increase value in your business.

Expand Profits

Business owners are in a powerful position to increase wealth by expanding business profit. 100% discretion over profit is the return for the work. Growth in the profit margin equals growth in owner wealth. Identify three strategies to build revenue and execute the plan. Evaluate, modify, and repeat as a commitment to results based profit management.

For Sale

View the business as a saleable asset. If you never sell you still benefit by forging a company that is highly attractive to the marketplace. Some critical systems to streamline over the tenure of a business, including:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Ongoing product refinement
  • Robust online presence
  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • Winning supplier partnerships
  • Professional financial accounting

AB Financial Group partners with companies to design effective systems and provide professional financial accounting services for optimal market positioning. Contact AB Financial Group today.

30,000’ Perspective

Seeing the complete financial position of the enterprise, top to bottom, end to end, is a business owner’s super power. Professional accounting services ensure an elevated perspective. Profitable decisions are at hand with the data and analytics provided by expert financial management. A clear view on return of investment (ROI) ensures each expenditure is en pointe. Risk is minimized and mistakes are avoided. It’s key to know the numbers.

Lock Down Taxes

Know the tax liability and savings strategies available, and execute. Professional tax advice is the sure fire approach. The tax professional has the pulse on the regulatory environment that impacts your sector. AB Financial Group provides professional tax guidance and service to uniquely optimize a business’s tax strategy. Build profit through effective tax management. Pro tip: treat tax liability as a monthly expenditure.


Profit benefits the business by way of building investment funds. Growth opportunities abound. Having the money to invest makes growth decisions easy. A thriving business is committed to investing. Investment in growth creates:

  • Innovation
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced customer care
  • Increased value

A healthy financial position includes investment in growth, and keeps the focus on the future. Set up a business investment plan.

Be a Debt Expert

Borrow to build value. Strategize debt such that the expenditure creates a clear, healthy return on investment. Increase the team’s productivity. Upgrade outdated equipment. Purchase commercial real estate. Boost cash flow. Optimize the supply chain. Being a debt expert affords new opportunities and an increase in company revenue.

Top Credit Rating

Do what it takes to maintain an exceptional credit score. Favorable terms for borrowing is the reward. Avoid higher terms by paying off debt quickly, paying down credit cards monthly and staying within strategic borrowing limits. When borrowing, ensure that debt repayment will be quick and painless. Growth will continue unhindered with a top business credit rating.

Long View

The majority of financial management tricks target the future. Growth, saleability, investment and tax strategy lead to a strong future for the enterprise. Looking ahead, with a five year and ten year plan is also critical for staying ahead of the competition. Maintaining an elevated long-term view keeps the business relevant and dynamic. Owner satisfaction thrives. Consistent wealth acquisition results. AB Financial Group partners with businesses to develop a strong contemporary financial foundation that will result in a vigorous future.

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